Winds of Eruna, Book One: A Flight of Wings

Winds of Eruna

Book One: A Flight of Wings

Eruna, once overrun by dragons, is soon to witness the destructive force of the creatures once again. as an enormous black dragon, known by the lizard-like Malakand as “Death,” has begun a reign of terror, ridden and controlled by a former Wind Dancer, T’ardis Morrenaire. Morren had unwisely used a powerful spell given to him by Saarnak, demonic ruler of the Void. The destructive force of the spell had sent Morren into the Void, his wings burned to nubs, his face and body horribly disfigured. After a time, Saarnak opened a portal and sent him back to Eruna with the infant dragon and the ability to create an army of undead with which to attack the Eight Realms and Cliffside School. While Morren’s aim is to exact revenge on those he believed had betrayed him and were responsible for his misfortune, Saarnak has a much darker plan. Forewarned by Ooloo, a gifted young winglet from the High Plateaus, Lynette and her life-mate Jordan are determined to return to Cliffside School with their infant daughter, Aerielle to warn the leaders there of the coming attack. Having left Cliffside to escape the wrath of her mother, the High Matriarch of the Eight Realms, they are accompanied by their friends. Kevar and Hanoera, along with Ooloo and her grandfather, several clan warriors, and three Malakand. The group is met along the way by the Royal Consort, Lynette’s father, Mattern, who had been searching for his daughter in hope of finding her before her evil mother, the High Matriarch, with whom he had finally cut all ties. Their journey back to Cliffside is met with disaster almost immediately, resulting in several painful separations which affect the fates of everyone involved. Foremost in their minds is the fate of the universe should Saarnak and his demon hordes successfully escape the Void into Eruna. New bonds and friendships will be formed and tested, as well as old ones. In this continuing saga of the Winds of Eruna and the winged and wingless beings who live there, plots thicken, tragedy abounds, knowledge is gained, and love grows despite all odds.


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